Monday, March 26, 2018

Kitchen remodel: Purchasing and delivery with IKEA

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So you want to buy a kitchen at IKEA? Great! Make sure you use the online planner tool or if you have trouble with that you can always go to the store and one of the awesome associates will help you. We chose to do it online and it worked pretty well. Nothing is perfect so be prepared for some anxiety and stress using any software like that. We also had the consultant come out and measure the kitchen to make sure we were doing it right. That fee was reimbursed to us when we bought the cabinets. 

I spent probably the better part of a year (basically since we moved in) planning and redoing the plan online. The IKEA here wasn't even open until October 2017 so if I had wanted help I would have had to go to one of the other stores 3-4 hours from our home. Nope. I just don't have that kind of time. I highly recommend planning the kitchen and working with one of the associates on the plan at least once before buying your cabinets. 

Ordering the kitchen

When we were ready to buy our kitchen we had actually already had some experience buying cabinets from IKEA for the living room and the laundry room. It took WAY longer to order the kitchen though. Of course the living room consisted of 4 cabinets (originally we bought 10 but had to change our plan) and the laundry room has 6 but the kitchen has 27. Yes, that is correct TWENTY SEVEN cabinets. We really like having storage space! 

We arrived at IKEA right at 10 am on a Saturday morning. We went straight to kitchens and found an associate. She was awesome. She listened to us about the changes we needed done to the plan that the planner would not allow for and made notes of that and the extra items we needed to buy. Once we had gone though the entire plan she got to work on her part. She had to go through each cabinet and make sure that all the parts would be included and that we had enough end panels, lights, trim, etc. Once she was done it was checked by another associate to make sure nothing was missed. I like that. 

While we waited we shopped and picked up other things that we needed to get. We also chose our counter top. That was a big deal. It's so hard to choose things like that when faced with so many decisions! 

Delivery was set for 20 days later. We could have had it a little earlier but we wanted it delivered on a Friday. In all it took about 3 hours from the time we walked in to the time we left the store. Not bad at all I would say.

The Delivery 

Up to this point we had had very few hiccups and I should have known a big one was coming. Delivery was scheduled for March 2. I received multiple confirmations via text, email and a computerized phone call the day before. I was shocked when I got an email a little after 10 am Friday monring telling me my delivery wasn't going to happen. Ed starting calling to try to figure out what was going on. He was finally told by someone that the order had been cancelled because there were some missing pieces. We didn't like it but said fine. We were told we would get a call to reschedule once everything was in place.

About 30 minutes later I got a call from the delivery company. Did I mention that IKEA hires this out? Well they do. The woman from the delivery company apologized and told me the truck had broken down and as soon as the recovery truck got loaded they would deliver. She assured me we would get our delivery that day but a few hours late. We were okay with this. Well, that didn't happen. Saturday we started calling again but this time we called the delivery company directly instead of the number to IKEA. We figured they had the stuff and they needed to answer for what was happening. Ed talked to someone who assured us we would get on the schedule for Sunday. Great. I didn't believe them at this point though.

Sunday morning we called to confirm like we had been told to do the day before. Ed was told to call again around 10 to make sure it was loaded. At 9:43 am I got an email stating our delivery wasn't going to be delivered. OMG I was livid. He called and was told they would figure it out and call back in about half an hour. Around 5 pm we got a call finally telling us they would deliver that night. We had no idea why this kept happening. I still didn't believe it and I stated as much. They said they would be here between 5 and 9 but probably closer to 6. At 6:40 pm we got a call saying they would arrive in about 35 minutes. At 7:21 pm we got another call stating they would be there in about 35 minutes. A little after 8 they finally showed with our stuff and guess what, it wasn't all there. Yep. Fourteen pieces were missing. After the weekend we had had trying to get the stuff delivered I just wasn't surprised. We asked why we kept getting cancelled and were told it was because we had such a large delivery they kept bumping us for smaller ones. That's BS. When they unloaded it they counted and got 307 pieces. We were due to get 321. So after they left Ed and I sorted it out by cabinet to figure out what was missing.

We were short 5 glass doors, 5 toe kicks, 3 power cords for the lights and a remote control for the lights. Ed called IKEA Monday and after almost 2 hours on hold and being transferred 3 times he finally talked to someone who arranged for the items to be delivered Saturday. I prayed we didn't have a repeat of the previous weekends delivery issues.

We ended up going back to IKEA and buying 2 butcher block tops for the island and asked that they also be delivered at the same time on Saturday as the rest of our first order. We got it all set up and went on our way. I received a text stating we would get delivery on the 10th between 2pm and 6pm. At 2:15 on the 10th I called the delivery company to find out where our stuff was and was told the manager would be calling me soon. He called me about 1/2 hour later and told us that our orders had been combined and were missing some pieces so they would pick them up and deliver them the following day. After our conversation I received a text stating the delivery would occur on the 11th between 9am and 1pm. At 1:13pm on the 11th I received another text stating that the delivery was rescheduled for 2pm to 4pm. This was really getting old by now. The delivery did occur a little after 4pm on the 11th but guess what? There were missing pieces. The driver told us that the manager had already talked to us we would be short some items and I said no that he had told me that they would pick them up before the delivery and all would be delivered. The driver then called his boss and put Ed on the phone with him. This was when we were told that the remaining items were being FedEx'ed to us. Okay. I am just tired at this point. We did get a FedEx package 2 days later but it was still short 2 cords. We called and told them we would just come up and pick them up ourselves because we needed to order the Quartz counter tops anyway. What an ordeal this was.

My opinion on a company hiring out things like delivery is that they are only as good as the companies they sub contract to. A builder is only as good as the sub contractors who actually do the work. Same goes for delivery. This is not a company I would hire to deliver anything. I am thankful we finally got in touch with someone who saw the problem and did what they could to fix it. I can't imagine there was a human making the decision to bump us repeatedly so I will assume it was the software they use for loading their trucks. Frankly I hate that so much has been taken over by technology. I hate hearing a computer on the phone, I hate having to try to communicate with one. I am a human and I want to speak with another human, not a machine. Computers have their place but I think for the sake of saving a buck companies are taking it too damn far.

The IKEA Kitchen Event

The IKEA Kitchen sale was not happening when we bought our cabinets BUT we are IKEA family card members so we knew all we would have to do is take our receipt to the service desk and ask for our refund during the sale as long as it was within 90 days of purchasing the cabinets. The plan was to use this refund to help pay for our counter tops.

Counter tops

Before we ordered the Quartz for the counter tops I changed my mind about the island counter top. I was thinking it would just be too much light with white cabinets, white back splash and light counter tops. I really wanted to do butcher block but needed to figure out how to treat it so that we wouldn't have rings and spots like the last one. We used mineral oil only on the last one and it drove me nuts with the rings and spots. I did some research and since we won't be cutting food on the counter top itself I found a couple of options.

I looked at different options for buying butcher block and decided that the Hammarp butcher block from IKEA was our best option for the money and time. We had to buy 2 of them and cut them then join them together to fit the island. But that's a post for another day. :D

If we ever do this again we will not ask that IKEA deliver. We will pick up our items ourselves. It was be much easier and less stressful.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Kitchen remodel: Planning with the IKEA Home planner tool

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     Planning our kitchen using the IKEA Home planner tool wasn't exactly the easiest thing I have ever done but definitely doable for most people. It is by no means a perfect plan either. I had trouble lining cabinets up once the side panels were put on but that seems to be a problem with the program, not me. I just left the cabinets askew because I needed to get a good estimate of the cost of our new kitchen. I was only under by less than $300 and that was for panels I had not accounted for and a very cool feature we bought for the trash cabinet that will open it with a bump of the hip or tap of the hand. It will be so useful when my hands are full! The shocking part of paying was seeing how much we were paying in tax. I hadn't even thought about that but if you are on a tight budget you definitely don't want to forget that! We paid over $600 in tax! 

This is the view from the top of our kitchen. 

Back wall
Front Wall 

    As you can see above we are putting 15 inch deep cabinets on the front wall. Originally this was just blank wall. We need the storage space and had the wall space so we added them to our plan. 

China cabinet in the breakfast nook along front wall. 

Coffee Bar in the kitchen along front wall. 

     We also went up with the cabinets. We have 9 foot ceilings and the original cabinets were 42 inch. IKEA doesn't do 42 inch and we wanted to go up anyway. Our upper cabinets are 30 inch plus 20 inch on top.

     The cabinets over the microwave and the refrigerator are 30 inch.

     We bought the sink cabinet for the Domsjo sink but we will not be using the Domsjo sink. They no longer make the single basin large sink so we ordered a stainless steel one from Wayfair. It had really good reviews and we are excited to get it installed! It is deeper than the Domsjo so we had to figure out how to adjust for that. What we did was change out the 20 inch tall doors to 15 inch tall doors and when we put the cabinet together we will adjust for the different sized sink. 

     This is the view of the island facing the back wall. I am going to love all those drawers!

     Each end of the island will have an 18 inch wide, 15 inch deep cabinet facing sideways to the larger drawer cabinets. We will use these for additional storage and the space in between will be used for the bar stools. 

     This view is from the back wall by the back door.  

     Here's a view from the sink area. 

     I know it looks like the island will be too close to the front wall and that's probably true on the program. I couldn't figure out how to measure the distance from the back wall to where I wanted it to go in the center. It works for planning purposes though. Now to get it done! 

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Easter Decor

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          In past years I have really enjoyed decorating for the holidays. When you have small children it seems like something you should do. As mine have gotten older I have done less and less. This year I decided that I am going to once again decorate for the holidays but not in the way I have done in the past. The goal now is to have a more mature, grown up decor. Of course I didn't have much in the way of decor for Easter anymore so I spent some time looking for stuff online. I prefer to touch and feel before I buy but that gave me an idea of where to go. 

          I went to numerous stores before I found what I was looking for. I wanted to keep with glossy white, shiny metal or something made with natural materials. I think I have a good start to my new Easter collection. I will add pieces as I find them each year. 

We found these two metal bunnies at TJ Maxx. They weren't cheap but I love that wood carrot! 

The egg and grassy bunny also came from TJ Maxx. 

This white ceramic bunny family was spotted at Kroger. The gold ears are a nice touch!

We purchased both of these chippy white bunnies from Pier 1 Imports. 

These two lovely bunnies dressed up with green ribbon were from Meijer. 

These bunnies and carrots were picked up at Michael's when I went in for photo mats. I can always find something I love at Michael's. 

Last but not least the egg vase filler was from JCPenney. 

          I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't find more items. Most of the stuff I found was wood or very brightly colored. I get that color is attractive and probably sells a lot but I really want to have more muted decor now. I'm sure in a few years I will acquire quite a bit if I keep at it. 

          Here is the mantel this year. the egg wreath was purchased at Pier 1 Imports years ago.  The blue, orange and white eggs I bought on clearance at Dollar Tree 3-5 years ago. I had planned to paint them and I think I still may. I think painting the larger ones gold and the smaller ones solid glossy white would look nice. 

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Updating the master bedroom

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In this post I shared with you my ideas for new bedding for the master bedroom. As soon as I could I headed to Target to pick up the duvet cover and I ordered the pillow covers and insert from H&M Home. 

This is my idea board from that post.

And here is the bed all made up! So pretty! Our sheets and blanket are gray and go well with the gray pillow cover.

I love this duvet cover! It is over sized which is great. It's always very disappointing to buy a duvet cover that your duvet gets all bunched up in and hardly covers the bed. This one has extra room on all sides. It did not have the center ties at the top and bottom but most duvet covers don't so I improvised using safety pins. I was in too big a hurry to change it out to sew any ties on the inside. I need top pick up some twill tape so I can do that to all of the duvet covers we currently have but I keep forgetting to do it. Maybe now I will remember. I should put on my list. Right now.

In the above picture you can also see the picture I talked about here. There's nothing wrong with it, I just think it's time for something new. Ed has plans to make a wood window frame for the space because I have yet to find one I like that is big enough and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Goals.

We also got new bedside lamps. Love them! I am thinking of maybe putting a faux succulent or plant under each one. They are hallow and bottomless. The possibilities! I like the lamp shades but I am considering something new. We'll see.

Duvet cover-Target
Pillow covers H&M Home  pink flowerpink color blockgray velvet.
Lamp shades I got at Walmart a few years ago.

The room is getting close to being done. Ed still wants to paint the ceiling, add can lighting and we have a few pieces I would like to move/get rid of but haven't had the time to work on that just yet. This is what happens when you are working on numerous projects/rooms at once!

Sorry about the lighting in the pictures. It has been very cloudy here for a while which makes for dark photos. I tried to brighten the room with the lights but it wasn't much use. Can't wait till the can lighting goes in!

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Jewelry dresser

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I have wanted a jewelry dresser for some time, Ed bought me a standing jewelry box a few years ago that I outgrew pretty fast. I love jewelry. Brighton is a place I can do some serious damage to our bank account! One evening Ed and I were in Hobby Lobby admiring all the awesome stuff they have when we came upon a wood piece with lots of shallow drawers. I immediately thought "Jewelry storage"! I ran it past him and he agreed it would make a great place for jewelry storage. It was on sale so off we went with our new treasure. 

Isn't it wonderful? The drawers had no liners and I knew I would have to do something to keep the jewelry from sliding all around. I researched trays I could put in the drawers but they were expensive and wouldn't fit all that great. Finally I decided to pick up some inexpensive velvet at Walmart and line them myself. 

Supplies I used:
Velvet like material, from Walmart
glue gun and glue
glue sticks
card board or foam board
foam hair rollers, got mine at Dollar Tree
Cutting mat
cutting tool
straight edge

I picked up some black velvet like material from Walmart and some foam hair rollers from Dollar Tree, I had everything else already on hand until I ran out of cardboard and bought some foam board. Each drawer has a bottom and four sides made of a piece of either cardboard or foam board with velvet wrapped around it. I measure the bottom and sides of each drawer as I went because no two were the same.

I used the glue sticks to glue the velvet to the card/foam board on the front and wrapped the edges around and used the hot glue gun to glue those down on the back. I then hot glued each piece to the drawer itself. 

For the dividers I did the same thing except I wrapped the velvet all around and glued at the bottom. Placing the dividers was tricky so they are not exactly straight. I used hot glut to glue them to the bottom of the drawer on top of the liner. After placing them I also glued the ends in place. 

The ring drawer was a bit trickier. I used foam hair rollers from Dollar Tree and I tried wrapping each one but that did not work out. I ended up gluing the rollers to the bottom of the drawer, getting them in there pretty tightly, and covering them with the velvet making sure to push it between each roller. It was a pain but it works great! 

This was time consuming, there are a lot of drawers but it was well worth it. I have plenty of space left that I am sure will take me years to fill. 

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