Monday, June 27, 2016

Living room painted

Ed and I spent our weekend painting the living room. When you look at the room you don't realize just how long it will take or how much paint it is going to take. Ed started out Saturday morning priming the walls. I hadn't planned to help but I decided it was best I did and lucky I did or he would still be painting. Here is what the room looked like back in February. 

The wall color is just too dark and looks too dirty for us. 

Ed had already painted the ceiling so at least that part was done. 

By Saturday evening we had 2 coats of primer and almost 1 coat of paint on the walls. I say almost because in the end we ended up running out of paint and the store was closed. 


It was kind of annoying but in the end we needed to do two coats of paint anyway. We have very thirsty walls. Must be the Georgia heat. (just kidding, lol) 

Here is the final product. 

We also did the trim and it looks so much better now. 

That's 4 rooms done; the living room, kitchen, breakfast room and dining/school room. Now we have the 2 story entry, upstairs hall, five bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, mudroom, laundry room and 14 closets to go. All rooms need to have the ceilings painted either the new wall color or white and the ceilings are either 9ft or vaulted except in 2 bathrooms and the closets. That's a lot of paint. And time. Goal is to have it all done by June 1, 2017. Wish us luck. We are gonna need it!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day

This would have been posted Monday but the computer I use to take pictures from my devices (phone, camera, etc.) crashed. I had not backed them up to our cloud drive yet so I had to wait until Ed could recover them. Technology. 

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend. I spent Saturday watching Edward paint the coffered ceiling in the living room. I am not allowed to paint or do much due to some issues with my back so I get to sit around and watch. That is just boring. Anyway...Edward painted the ceiling on Saturday. Two coats of primer and 1 coat of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I love this color. It just works in this house. 

Isn't that better? The color the builder put on the walls is just depressing. It looks dirty too. Ick. The walls are still the original color. It took Edward all day to cut in and roll 3 coats of paint. I did the dining room a few months ago so I know how difficult and time consuming it is. I wish I could have helped him but I really want my back and hip to stop hurting so I will follow doctors orders. 
I did make a cake for Father's Day on Saturday. From scratch. Cake and frosting. It wasn't the best cake I have ever had but it wasn't the worst either. I think I may just stick with box mix. lol The frosting was delicious though. I have plenty of experience with frosting. 

Sunday morning we gave Edward his gifts. We got him a fire pit with accessories, a rotisserie for the grill and a blue tooth meat thermometer. Since dinner was already planned we didn't get to use the grill accessories yet but he did light up the fire pit and we roasted marshmallows. 

(Please excuse the state of this room, it still isn't put together since the walls aren't painted yet)

And for dinner Sunday I made one of Edwards favorite meals, Apple & Sage pork chops. The recipe is from McCormick and we really like it. I served it with white rice. So yummy. 

Recipe coming soon.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Giant Jenga

Ed and I made a giant Jenga set for us to play with. I just finished it today and we played our first game tonight. Please excuse the way I look. It is hot and humid here today and I spent hours outside waxing the Jenga blocks. It was worth it. Now I need a shower. lol 

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mini vacation

Ed and I took the boys to Daytona Beach Shores for a few days last week. We were there before the storms went through over the weekend and beginning of this week. Originally we were going to be there this week but we saw the weather and moved our trip up a few days. 

We basically spent 2 days laying on the beach and around the hotel pool. The hotel we stayed at is right on the beach and the view is beautiful. 

This is the view from our room. It was almost high tide. 

Here are some more pictures from our stay. 

After a long day at the beach we cleaned up and took the boys to Barnes and Noble. I swear it's their favorite store next to Toys R Us! They each came out with a lot of new books. I am so proud that they love to read. 

We each came home with a slight sunburn. The boys on only their faces, Ed and I also burned on our backs. I guess we didn't apply sunblock as often as we should have. We will know better for next time. 

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pallet wall art

I have some found really cool DIY wall art ideas on Pinterest so I thought I would put two of them together for some art for the breakfast area.

The first one is the pallet from from Wife In Progress. I followed her instructions and bought enough wood to get 21 pieces 22 inches long (7 pieces for each frame). I had Ed cut them for me and I stained them using Classic Gray and Dark Walnut stain from Minwax. I did some of them gray only or dark walnut only and others I mixed the two colors. I also varied the time I left the stain on before wiping it off. I wanted them all to be different and I think I achieved that goal.

After they dried I played around with the pieces until I had 3 sets of 7 that I liked together.

I glued 2 pieces of scrap that went almost all the way across all 7 boards to the backs of each frame and set a case of soda on them until they were dry. Sorry no pics of that. lol

I got the butcher prints from The Mountain View Cottage . She has a whole set of them available for free download.  I went to Michael's and picked out burlap colored card stock to print the chicken, pig and cow on along with 3 black 11 x 14 picture mats. I printed the butcher prints using my home printer then taped them to the back of each mat and glued one on each front of the pallet frames.

And here they are.

I really enjoy making art and I think that homemade art adds so much warmth to a home.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

For the long holiday we worked on the yard and finished up some things around the house. When we bought the house the flower beds in front and around the trees in back had pine straw which we replaced a few months ago. I do not care for this stuff at all. It doesn't keep the weeds and grass out of the beds and it makes it hard to dig the unwanted stuff out. When we cut the new flower bed in the back around the perimeter of the fence we decided to use regular mulch and that was on our to do list for this weekend. Thursday morning I got an email from Lowe's saying that mulch was on sale and it was the one we had picked out. Instead of $3.33 per bag it would be 5 for $10! Yay! So we decided at that price to go ahead and redo all the flower beds that had pine straw as well. 

Here is a picture of the front flower bed with the pine straw back at Halloween. This was the only before picture I could find. lol

And here is a picture of the front flower bed now. 

Our grass isn't nearly as green as it was. Not sure why, it's greener in the back-where we have grass that is. 

Here's a before of the back yard. 

The other thing we worked on this weekend was the entry and stairs. Back a few months ago we started this project but just hadn't had the time to finish it yet. We are bad about having 10 things going on at once. Right now we are trying to finish up all current projects for the year and this was one of them.

Here are some true "before" pictures.

See that wainscoting in the dining room in the first picture? That is what we wanted to replicate for the entry and stairs. We couldn't find the exact pieces they used but we found similar ones. It will be hard for most people to tell the difference. 

Here are pictures from part way through. It was like this for a while.

Here is it now with the boxes added.  Much better. Edward does such a good job!

So pretty.

The other project we finished up this weekend was in our kitchen. This one kinda snow balled like things tend to do with us. First we painted it. The wall color the builder put is very dark and looks like dirt to me. So we painted the kitchen and breakfast area plus the ceiling. We used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and love it. We chose white for the ceiling in here just to make it easy on us. We prefer white ceilings to begin with except where the ceiling is coffered. Then we thought adding board and batten to the breakfast area would be great and then we realized that the back splash just wasn't going to work with the new wall color and the board and batten. So we got a new back splash as well. All that was left for us to do this weekend was touch up the wall paint. That was pretty easy compared to the rest of it.

Here's the before of the kitchen and the breakfast area. 

Here it is now. 

Here's a close up of the tile. The grout is almost the same color as the walls. 

We used 1x3's for the board and batten and 3x6 subway tiles for the back splash with warm gray grout. The white paint is the same Sherwin Williams paint the builder used. Just plain white. No special white. The board and batten was a bit of pain in that we chose to take the baseboards off and put it behind them. It turned out fantastic though.

I also made the pallet artwork in the breakfast area over the long weekend. I will have a post on that in the future. 

Eventually we will get all of the builder paint covered with Agreeable Gray but it's going to take some time. I look forward to it because it really brightens up a room!
Other than that the boys played outside, we did some weekend cleaning and cooked hamburgers on the grill. Pretty low key but busy.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Belt ceremony and some cuteness from Addisyn

Ed and the boys had their belt ceremony tonight. Ed is now an orange belt and the boys are both yellow. Ed is a belt behind because he told them when they started if they stuck with it and got their first belts he would join too.

Here are videos of them receiving their belts.

Pictures after the ceremony with their new belts on.

And here is some cuteness from Addisyn today.

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Trip to Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia SC

Our zoo/science center membership gives us discounts and sometimes free admission to zoos and science centers/museums so we take advantage of it when we can. Ed and I took Edward, Ethan and Addisyn to the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina last Monday. We had a really good time. Addisyn loves animals especially horses. She tried to climb out of her stroller when she saw the horses walking by! lol

Here are some pics and video from the day.


Addisyn and Opa

Everyone with the birds

Edward is wearing the green shirt and Ethan is in red. 

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