Monday, June 27, 2016

Living room painted

Ed and I spent our weekend painting the living room. When you look at the room you don't realize just how long it will take or how much paint it is going to take. Ed started out Saturday morning priming the walls. I hadn't planned to help but I decided it was best I did and lucky I did or he would still be painting. Here is what the room looked like back in February. 

The wall color is just too dark and looks too dirty for us. 

Ed had already painted the ceiling so at least that part was done. 

By Saturday evening we had 2 coats of primer and almost 1 coat of paint on the walls. I say almost because in the end we ended up running out of paint and the store was closed. 


It was kind of annoying but in the end we needed to do two coats of paint anyway. We have very thirsty walls. Must be the Georgia heat. (just kidding, lol) 

Here is the final product. 

We also did the trim and it looks so much better now. 

That's 4 rooms done; the living room, kitchen, breakfast room and dining/school room. Now we have the 2 story entry, upstairs hall, five bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, mudroom, laundry room and 14 closets to go. All rooms need to have the ceilings painted either the new wall color or white and the ceilings are either 9ft or vaulted except in 2 bathrooms and the closets. That's a lot of paint. And time. Goal is to have it all done by June 1, 2017. Wish us luck. We are gonna need it!

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  1. I found you on Pinterest. I getting ready to use Agreeable Grey. Which paint and sheen did you use? Also, what is your trim color/sheen? Gorgeous home!


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