Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pallet wall art

I have some found really cool DIY wall art ideas on Pinterest so I thought I would put two of them together for some art for the breakfast area.

The first one is the pallet from from Wife In Progress. I followed her instructions and bought enough wood to get 21 pieces 22 inches long (7 pieces for each frame). I had Ed cut them for me and I stained them using Classic Gray and Dark Walnut stain from Minwax. I did some of them gray only or dark walnut only and others I mixed the two colors. I also varied the time I left the stain on before wiping it off. I wanted them all to be different and I think I achieved that goal.

After they dried I played around with the pieces until I had 3 sets of 7 that I liked together.

I glued 2 pieces of scrap that went almost all the way across all 7 boards to the backs of each frame and set a case of soda on them until they were dry. Sorry no pics of that. lol

I got the butcher prints from The Mountain View Cottage . She has a whole set of them available for free download.  I went to Michael's and picked out burlap colored card stock to print the chicken, pig and cow on along with 3 black 11 x 14 picture mats. I printed the butcher prints using my home printer then taped them to the back of each mat and glued one on each front of the pallet frames.

And here they are.

I really enjoy making art and I think that homemade art adds so much warmth to a home.

Thanks for stopping by.

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